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“That this programme addresses all the aspects of why we smoke and prepares us well mentally for quitting… I certainly noticed that my mood was very positive during the whole process.”

“A programme that addresses your physical and psychological needs as you go through the quitting process.  It's relaxed and effective.
It Works."
Holloway Eru

“Very well worth the investment. This is an awesome programme... I feel great. Thank you so much, you have given me the freedom I so much wanted.”
Helen Armstrong-Taylor

“I valued most the combination of using neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive behavioural therapy with acupuncture and hypnotherapy.”
Gaylene Martin
“Great comprehensive programme which covers all angles and is very supportive.”
Donna Storm

“Detailed and informative, not just addressing the chemical addiction, but tackling the real issues and preventing failure... Acupuncture made me feel relaxed and in control, which stopped me going into panic mode.”
Bev Drake

“Exceptional approach using various techniques in a realistic practical way.”
Yvonne Faets

“I week of positive reinforcement and learning new thinking, followed by 1 week of detox.”
Merle McLeod

“This programme is perfect, nothing is overdone. I am not a person who likes needles, but I looked forward to the acupuncture treatment. Fantastic! Ka pai to mahi koutou Brenda. Tino arahanui.”

“Acupuncture completely took the craving away.”
Debbie Tischendorf

“I have never previously had acupuncture, but I found it amazing. A huge relief and help. Thank you for setting me free.”
“This is the only programme that works! I still can’t believe it was so easy. The combination of techniques used was brilliant.”
“Fantastic programme, learnt to deal with all aspects of the addiction to smoking. Very supportive.”
“Fantastic, Easy, Fun.”
Chris Smith


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