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25 February 2012 - The NZ Herald
Some researchers say the growth of nicotine substitutes is clouding the only real way to give up cigarettes - make a firm decision and go cold turkey. Health reporter Martin Johnston looks at the evidence


9 January 2012 - The Telegraph
Nicotine patches may not help smokers to stub out the habit, according to a new study.


3 March 2011 - The NZ Herald
People who use nicotine replacement therapy are being warned of the harm it can do to children - after a huge rise in calls to the National Poisons Centre and three "serious exposures".


24 August 2010 - The NZ Herald (the findings are published in the Journal of National Cancer Institute)
Nicotine in cigarettes has been linked to breast cancer for the first time as researchers find the substance may promote the growth of tumours.


25 June 1998 - ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) ... Summary
Thousands of internal tobacco industry documents released through litigation and whistleblowers reveal the most astonishing systematic corporate deceit of all time. ASH has undertaken a survey of the documents, extracted 1,200 relevant and revealing quotes, and grouped these together under common themes. A subset of these are set out in this compendium and the full collection is held in chronologies available on the ASH web site...